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What Sleeping Positions Say About You

What Sleeping Positions Say About You
We look at the most common sleeping positions and what psychologists say these mean. Answering the question whether some mattresses are better suited to some positions than others.
Our body language often enables us to show how we think and feel. It is no surprise then that the director of the Sleep Assessment and Advisory Service, Professor Chris Idzikowski, finds that there are six main sleeping positions and suggests that each gives a clue to the person’s personality.
These positions are; the Foetus, Yearner, Starfish, Log, Soldier and Freefaller. It has therefore been suggested that depending on what way you sleep, some mattresses are more supportive than others.
Yearner and Starfish Sleeping Positions
Individuals who sleep in the Yearner position, which is on the side with both arms in front, are recognised as open natured people and are recommended a large mattress to give enough room for a comfortable night’s rest. Similarly, those who sleep on their backs with both arms up around the pillow, also known as the starfish, prefer lots of space to sleep well.
Professor Idzikowski found this position to be the least favourite and notes that these people do not like to be centre of attention and are good listeners, making them great friends. Individuals who like to spread out in these two sleeping positions are recommended to sleep on a small double mattress. This will ensure that they are provided with enough room for right support and ideal comfort throughout the night. Plus, a small double bed should also be easy to fit in most bedrooms because of its size.
Log and Solider Sleeping Positions
The Log and the Soldier positions are very similar as the individual has both arms by their sides. Whereas the former is lying on one’s side, the latter is sleeping on the back. Although very similar, it is fascinating to find that the log lovers are sociable people and those who enjoy the soldier sleeping position are generally quiet people.
If one sleeps in either way of the two will no doubt should try out a Rest Assured Mattress, which is designed with springs that react individually to the critical pressure points. This mattress is bound to give the support in areas such as the back and side so that the individual will awake every morning refreshed and ready for another busy day.
Freefaller Sleeping Position
Furthermore, an individual who sleeps on their front with hands around pillow sleeps in the Freefaller position and has been recognised as a brash person who does not like criticism. Regardless on ones personality trait, possibly the problem is not the sleeping position but the twisting and turning during the night?
Well, a Silentnight mattress has unique zoned Miracoil springs that react to one’s shape. This mattress is able to give ideal support and comfort by distributing the body weight, which means not is one’s front is supported painlessly, but their partner will not be disturbed again by your movements.
Foetus Sleeping Position
Now, the most common sleeping position is the Foetus, where one sleeps curled up on their side. Professor Idzikowski shows that 41% of people that were investigated sleep in this way and he recognises them as being sensitive but with hard exteriors.
As a memory foam mattress is ideal for any way you sleep because its material reacts with the body temperature of the individual, it is particularly ideal for those who sleep in the Foetus position. The reason for this is because this mattress is able to support the neck, back and other critical areas with ease, providing a comfortable foundation the whole night through.
Remember, that one mattress does not fit all so look for one that gives the support and comfort that is needed to be able to feel relaxed and refreshed after every night’s sleep. So, depending on one’s sleeping position, there is a mattress that is more suited than others.

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